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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

More Casualties - the Kids

The fierce love many fallen soldiers had for their children is evident in both the reasons they joined the service and in letters and e-mails they sent home.

He died doing what
he loved "

... Veronica Collier, widow

Pfc. Stephen Downing, 30, of Burkesville, Ky., gave up his truck-driving job to join the Army to provide a better life for his children, Taylor, 9, and Stephen, 5.

"His kids were everything in the world for him," Downing's ex-wife, LeAnn Emmons, told a local newspaper.

A man with a soft spot for all children, Downing - killed Oct. 28 by a sniper in Ramadi - told his family he would also be fighting for the children of Iraq. "He told his kids that he wanted Iraqi kids to have the same opportunities (American) kids do," Emmons said.


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