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Monday, October 25, 2004

Florida was just the beginning

The San Francisco Chronical reports: Legal battles could cloud outcome in swing states - Fraud allegations and lawsuits over voting equipment Eight states (not Washington, yet) have lawyers poised to pounce on November 3rd.

I think we can expect this kind of thing to happen in 2008 as well, and maybe even after that, at least until the dust has settled over such things as "touch voting" machines and paper trails.


Blogger FreeRangeAuthor said...

Legal challenges to elections occur not because of the method of counting but because of the narrow margin of winning - say 100 or 50 votes, or less - Florida in 2000 turned on less than 1000 votes out of millions. This allows for arguments of what counts as a vote. Electronic methods do not improve accuracy, they only allow more rapid accumulation of errors. Yes, paper trails are a very good idea but they won't eliminate challenges as long as margins of winning are small.

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