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Monday, January 03, 2005

"Truth be told, the Libertarian Party isn't so much of a 'problem' as it is a reality and a challenge."

Forget the Statue of Liberty. The Libertarian logo should be the Bull!

Chuck Muth of Citizen Outreach, plus a former executive director of the Nevada Republican Party and a former chairman of the Nevada Republican Liberty Caucus (Hmmm. Wonder if he knows Aaron Russo?), says the LPWS is "a reality and a challenge," which Republican Party Chairman Vance has botched so badly that he should be replaced. In the course of his ranting he quotes an old saying: "Don't fool with the bull or you'll get the horns." This is the kind of status the LPWS has been looking for, in the short term anyway, a party that makes a difference.

Not that I entirely agree with Muth's analysis, particularly his rejection of the argument that the LP has been running to the left for the past few years and probably helped Rossi more than hurt him. And so there is no mistake, I put that argument to Muth in an email and his response was a single line. "I know all about the argument...and reject it completely."

Well, alrighty then! I'm sure a man who spends his time in an office in the other Washington has a better view of things here in Washington State than we do.

But we often wind up taking the good with the bad, and I really like the idea of the bull.

UPDATE 1/5/05: I talked to Aaron. They do know each other, well. Muth actively opposed Russo's bid for governor of Nevada a few years ago. According to Russo, Muth would like nothing better than the demise of the Libertarian Party.


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