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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Republicans tap insurance co. exec. to challenge Cantwell

Amidst trading barbs both Democrats and Republicans admitted that the race for the U.S. Senate in Washington for 2006 has begun. The Republicans have all but chosen an unknown insider, SAFECO executive Mike McGavick, to slay the Cantwell dragon.

Opinions differ whether the race will follow the 2000 Cantwell-Gorton script or the 2004 Murray-Nethercutt script. I lean to the latter. McGavick has no experience in public life. He is associated with a disliked industry. He is a virtual unknown. Of course, anything can happen in the next 16 months, but frankly, this is Cantwell's race to lose.

The question for Libertarians is whether they can tap a candidate who will gather enough votes to help her lose. Although he has not said whether he is interested in running, early interest within the party is upon alternative medicines guru Jonathan Wright. Stay tuned.


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