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Friday, October 29, 2004

"Paper" Candidates

Cary Thomas, one of the LPWS' more active members, points to an email recently received in the LP mailbox, to wit:

"Did you folks ever think you might get further in your uphill fight if you would have your candidates taken ten minutes to submit statements to the various papers that have solicited impute from each of the canadates? I keep reading the republican and democratic statements, but under libertarian, it just says 'not submitted'."

Says Cary,

"I think this outlines the perils of running (paper) candidates who are unwilling or unprepared to engage the media and public - some folks notice the absence. We fail our candidates by asking them to run then not providing significant support after they file. Why SHOULD people vote for our candidates when they don't participate? ....

"My question is, will we ever change our strategy, or keep doing the "same old thing", expecting a different outcome? I have less than 7000 days left on the Earth - God is not a Libertarian. If I can't expect any change in strategy from the party, why should I continue? There's more fun things to do with my time."

First, I do hope that Cary has more than 7000 days on this earth.

Nonetheless, Cary does have a point. Assuming the LPWS does at least as well this year as it did in 2000, it is going to have to improve its image. While I would not outright prohibit "paper" candidates I would implement some procedures to ensure that the appropriate media statements were made on behalf of the candidates who are too busy or otherwise unable to answer newspaper queries.


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