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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Beware, third party activists...

In the latest round in the battle over the recount a Pierce County Judge keeps 573 votes uncounted. At the core of the issue is the interpretation of statutes that were not designed for this circumstance. The Prolonged election reveals cracks in system. Some are already blaming Libertarian candidate Ruth Bennett. But that is really nothing more than a manifestation of ignorance.
There is nothing about the presence of a third party candidate that even suggests that votes for the frontrunners are likely to be closer. The problem, if anything, is that there really hasn't been any true competition among candidates for decades. One side or the other always won handily.
But the status quo is always afraid of risk. Beware, third party activists. The legislature, made up of Ds and Rs, are thinking about these things, and I can bet they are not thinking kind thoughts about us right now.


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