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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Second Recount anyone?

After 2400 more ballots magically appeared during the machine recount Rossi's lead is now a mere 42 votes.

The Ds may ask for a hand recount to the tune of 25 cents a ballot, or $702,085.50 for the whole state. On the other hand they may ask for the recount only in King County, in which Gregoire picked up 593 votes to Rossi's 348 extra. But the cost to recount King County alone will still be $224,643.50. This, by the way, is $82,357.50 more than the governor's annual salary.

Frankly, I think the strategy may backfire. If, as I believe, the Democratic voter is generally more civically minded than the Repubican voter s/he is more likely to know how to properly complete his/her ballot. Thus, to the extent there are mismarked ballots that escaped the machine recount, I think they more likely will be ballots cast for Rossi.


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