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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Parties take to the web

As if the court battle wasn't enough the Democrats have created a website entitled Dino Rossi: The Accidental Governor. Not to be outdone the Republicans have responded with their own Gregiore the Grinch website.
But there is also an internet lesson here for politicial junkies. These are simple sites, easily constructed by anyone with a rudimentary understanding of web design, with one exception.
The Democratic sponsored site links to a really snazzy letters to the editor site that assists visitors in writing letters to editors in their area, complete with guidelines for how to write them. And, not to be outdone, the Republican site invites visitors to USE THE GRINCHS OWN WEBSITE AGAINST HER..., which links to a nearly identical site for nearly identical purposes.
Well, hey! There is no reason why we libertarians have to sit this one out. The more the merrier, I think.
Go ahead, link to one of these letter writing sites and tell the editors what you think!


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