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Thursday, January 06, 2005

What is partisanship about, except to win?

Democratic hatchetman Robert Jamieson tries to argue for Republican restraint in the governor's race. "The noble goal -- a truly high ground -- would be for both parties to accept this election result,..." he says. Well, by gosh! What a noble thing to say! I can't help but wonder what he would be saying if the hand recount had left Rossi on top, and the Democrats were crowing about the provisional ballot problem.

Jamieson does make the argument that a revote may be just as close and subject to the same or similar reliability problems. And besides, the counties can't afford it, he argues. Gee, isn't that convenient! And so Jamieson would rather settle for a Democratic governor whose legitimacy of office is clearly crippled rather than giving her a chance to establish a clear majority. But there is the rub. What if she can't? Jamieson fears it. And so it is, Jamieson's moral high ground is a sham.


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