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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Libertarian candidate for Mayor in San Diego generating buzz

Today's San Diego Union (the major city paper) has a long article regarding erstwhile California Libertarian Senatorial candidate Richard Rider entitled The contrarian candidate.

While the story opens on a distinctly negative tone--i.e.: "For years, folks around San Diego City Hall have called Richard Rider an obstructionist, a gadfly, a crank."--the paper devoted considerable space to Rider's agenda and strategy for election as mayor, which is to place second in a field of 6 candidates and then martial support from the losers. According to the Union, Rider admits "the odds are against me, but not long odds. I think there's a shot at this."

While the article is distinctly negative it is still cause for celebration. All candidates know they get ignored until they become a threat; then they get attacked. So, I think it fair to conclude that Rider is seen as a genuine threat to the San Diego establishment.


Anonymous Richard Rider said...

Well, I'M voting for him!

10:55 AM  
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