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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Bush as anti-intellectual

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson points out the Bush administration is obstructing science in three major areas; stem cell research, global warming and most recently in resurrecting creationism as basic curriculum in schools. Even some top Republicans are complaining.

This is not to say that the scientific community is always right about its theories. Even Darwinism has been proven only anecdotally, and not yet conclusively. And assuming natural selection is valid where did the mathematical reality of chance, on which natural selection ultimately depends, come from? If the concept of odds-making and statistical relationships for the propagation of species is fixed and immutable, why is that so? Who planned it that way?

But this note is not intended to open a debate about "intelligent design." It is merely to point out there are two sides to every issue.

But Bush really doesn't care about that. He has demonstrated over and again that his primary purpose is to help his friends and family, and the rest of the world be damned.

America became great because it championed freedom and ingenuity. Ever since 9/11 that forward looking policy ethic, in Bush's hands, has all but disappeared. Now its all about power and security, both of which are the marks of an society in decline.

Wake up America!


Blogger FreeRangeAuthor said...

God told me evolution works!

(somebody had to say it ... )

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