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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Smoking ban opponents launch campaign

The "NO on I-901" campaign will hold a news conference today in Olympia. Blaming the pharmaceutical companies for funding the anti-smoking measure, the group accuses them wanting to sell more stop-smoking patches and other drug aids. Every page of the "No on I-901" web site contains this message:

"This is not a debate on the merits of smoking. The debate is whether we wish to give our government the right to outlaw smoking by adults on ones own personal property, private business or vehicle while at the same time knowing all tribal lands and businesses will be exempt."

The Libertarian Party of Washington should go on record as opposing I-901. People who don't like to be around smokers can, and should, vote with their feet. The invisible hand of market forces will quickly tell restaurant and business owners what they should be doing.


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