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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Governor's race gets murky.

With a mere 19 votes among nearly 2.5 million separating Rossi and Gregoire (today anyway) The Seattle Times reports an impending hand recount and the very real possibility of a second lawsuit against Yakima County for doing to the Republicans what King County was alleged to be doing to the Democrats, i.e., rejecting invalid provisional ballots without attempting to contact the voter to correct the invalidity.

More and more people are wondering aloud what effect Ruth Bennett's candidacy had on the race. I hve been saying uniformly that the Libertarian strategy this year was to appeal to the liberal voters by emphasizing parts of the Libertarian platform that would appeal to civil rights and freedom of lifestyle advocates. Thus, it has been, and is, my contention that Ruth took more votes from the Gregoire than from Rossi.

Now, I am wondering whether there may be a backlash from the Secretary of State's office if this does go to a hand recount. That is to say, if Ruth's presence in the race caused a dead heat among the frontrunners, some may argue that Ruth should not have been in the race. That would be a pity, of course. My fingers are crossed that my fears are unfounded.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the other hand, had Ruth been let into the debates with Gregoire and Rossi, she could've cleared things up in such a way that the election probably wouldn't have been so close (given that it couldn't be any closer, I can't be wrong).

Chris Wiswell

3:01 PM  
Blogger A Seattle Libertarian said...

Sent to the Seattle Times today:

In the Friday morning Letters to the Editor page in the Seattle Times, a number of people are "blamed" for Gregoire losing an election to Rossi.

Specifically, Ron Sims is blamed for not stumping for Gregoire, and gays are blamed for voting for Ruth Bennet, the Libertarian candidate. Others have blamed the Libertarians for running a candidate on a pro-gay platform that drew votes away from the Democrats.

None of these make sense. If you want someone to blame, blame Dino Rossi for doing well with Democrats, and Christine Gregoire for doing poorly.

If one looks at the numbers for the statewide races, you'll note that the Democratic candiate for Treasurer and Lt. Governor did better than Gregoire in Democratic King County. This is significant, because frankly no one cares who wins Lt. Governor or Treasurer, people just vote party line. Heck, I voted Libertarian because the Lt. Governor's position is stupid and only the Libertarians will get rid of the darn thing. Perhaps the King County Democrats need to sit down and figure out why their treasurer candidate got sixty-nine percent of the county vote, and Gregoire only got fifty-seven.

Chris Wiswell

12:30 PM  

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