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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The morning after

Here are some random observations:

It appears the Libertarian Party's best showing was in the Lt. Governor's position, in which, once again, our candidate advocated abolishing the office.

Over 200,000 more votes were cast in Washington in 2004 than were cast in 2000, roughly a 10% increase. It appears there was no corresponding increase in LP support. About 700,000 votes remain to be counted. But it appears doubtful any LP candidate will turn in 5%.

The governor's race is still too close to call. I think we can safely bet, however, that the Republicans will not be able to blame a loss on Bennett, as Gorton did on Jared. Fact is, Bennett ran a distinctly left leaning campaign, and probably took more votes from Gregoire than from Rossi.

This years' legal battleground state over election procedures will be Ohio.
We may take some consolation in the fact that the Hanford cleanup initiative did better than the Louisiana primary initiative.

My prior post regarding 2006 LPWS strategy will have to be substantially reworked. Whatever media attention we have been receiving will drop off significantly.

The first order of business for the LPWS will be to determine what the ballot access rules will be under the new regime, be it "Louisiana" or some other model. The legislature has heretofore been stymied by conflict over the issue, although that could change in the wake of the I-872 vote. More likely, legal challenges brought by the Ds and Rs will be the determining factor.

The second order of business will be to develop a serious and disciplined "get-out-the-vote" strategy for 2006. To be sure, membership and fundraising are still important. But, in my opinion, the LPWS is a minor party again because it had no significant GOTV program in 2004.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Help me understand the GOTV idea as far as Washington Libertarians go.

My understanding of GOTV is that you hit up your base (contributors? members?) to get down to the polls and pull that lever (fill that bubble, draw that arrow...). We, right now, don't have much of a base.

You've been doing this a lot longer than I have, but how would we go about this? Thoughts- hit up NORML, RKBA, or other groups.

Myself, I've been wondering if we could start appealing to the nice folks at the Concord Coalition (who may not be Ls, but want to do something about Social Security) and getting them out there.

Thanks again for a great blog.

12:37 PM  

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