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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Interesting article regarding the (soon to visit Washington) Louisiana primary

Jeff Sadow, writing in the Bayou Buzz, notes that in all races involving a white Democrat and a black Democrat no party officials endorsed a black candidate. Sadow continues:

"This action reveals once again the dirty secret of the state Democrat Party – it has not ever really cared about furthering black political interests in Louisiana. Sure, it will use blacks through the blanket primary system to support white Democrats, but when it comes to a question of fairness or equality in treatment of black candidates in Louisiana, most white state Democrat leaders are AWOL."

The reason the Louisiana Democrats can get away with this is that the primary system used in Louisiana (and which may soon visit Washington) favors money and popularity over principles and ideals. Secondarily, the system weakens internal party accountability, because the party has only a peripheral role in the nomination process.

The story of the Washington State primary isn't over. Stay tuned.


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